makemake produktionen

The Vienna based artist collective makemake produktionen ['make'make] has been creating theatre performances for adults and young audiences since 2011. Its name is derived from the Polynesian fertility-goddess Makemake.

The group trusts in the unknown and explores the development of encounters and the construction of realities through dialogue with their diverse audiences. Meanwhile the critical artistic demand always remains the same. makemake believes in craft, quality, cooperation, discipline, and humor. At the same time the artists want to keep challenging and undercutting these concepts.

Makemake's exuberant aesthetics stem from a love for literature, music and choreography and draw much of their inspiration from the visual arts.  But it takes pride in a blatant disregard for genre conventions. The work with preexisting texts is a blessing and a curse for the collective's method. Because the group is sceptical of all classical mechanisms of representation makemake deliberately overstrains, overlays and overwrites the literature it works with. The collective prefers raising questions to answering them.

The core of makemake consists of six theatre-makers, everyone adding her own strong artistic background to the projects: Sara Ostertag (director), Nanna Neudeck (stage and costume designer), Martina Rösler (choreographer, performer), Anita Buchart (dramatic adviser), Michèle Rohrbach (performer), Julia Haas (producer). In 2018 makemake produktionen received the Nestroy Theaterpreis for Muttersprache Mameloschn.  The collective has been awareded the  STELLA-Darstellender.Kunst.Preis for young audiences several times. In 2020 The Notebook (Das große Heft) by Ágota Kristóf was shortlisted for the Berlin Theatertreffen (Theatertreffen Berlin) and was nominated for the Nestroy Theaterpreis.